Facial Service Rates


Luminous is a studio which transforms into a spa of healthy beauty rituals, candle light, soft music, aromatherapy, and esthetic massage. Indulge in an artfully created facial incorporating the best beauty solutions from around the world. I use products that are curated to meet my standards of top performance such as vegan choices, natural, wild-crafted, organic, cruelty-free ingredients and organic food-grade additives. I customize facials according to your skin's needs.

Skincare and Grande lash growth products and gift certificates are available for purchase.

Please reserve 2 hours for consultation, service, and after-care recommendations.

Sensitive Skin Facial $75. 60 minutes. Perfect for pregnant women, active acne, rosacea, sensitivity, fragile capillaries. Includes cleanse, gentle exfoliation, toner; face, scalp, hand massage; calming masque. No steam or manual extractions, but extractions and serum infusion may be performed with ultrasonic device (if no contraindications) for an additional charge of $15.

European Facial $90. Classic deep cleansing. Cleansing, toning, Odacite Serum Concentrate and moisturizer according to skin type. Steam, manual extractions, hand, face, scalp, shoulders, neck and foot massage, lip and eye treatment included.

Anti-Aging Facial $95. Turn back time with plant Stem Cells, Vitamin C, other antioxidants such as powerful resveratol and a micro-exfoliant cleansing mask. Steam and extractions, hand, face, scalp, shoulders, neck and foot massage; Odacite serum concentrate restores glow and anti-aging moisturizer rehydrates.

Rejuvenating Facial $110. High frequency device lifts and tightens facial features and heals adult acne if present. Stem Cell products such as Replenishing Mask is rich in moisture boosting hyaluronic acid. Vitamin C, resveratol, brighten and protect; peptides strengthen. Steam and ultrasonic device encourage release of pore clogging sebum and product absorbtion. Micro-exfoliant cleansing mask refines and increases radiance. Odacite Rejuvenating Cleanser and Odacite serum concentrates restore vitality.. Hand, face, scalp, shoulders, neck and foot massage. Odacite Beautiful Skin anti-aging moisturizer seal in hydration.

Bright & Tight Face & Eye Treatment $110. 90 minutes. Skin brightening niacinamide NIA24 Intensive Eye masque, and skin firming and brightening NIA face treatment, NIA24 Neck cream erase sun damage and restore lost suppleness.

Green Apple Peel $110. Green Apple malic, citric, glycolic and salicylic acid peel lightens discoloration, reduces wrinkles, and smooths texture; Ultrasonic extractions and Odacite serum concentrate infusion. Face, neck, shoulders, scalp, hand massage;

Gua Sha Face Sculpting Treatment $110. This ancient Chinese treatment incorporating carved rose quartz Gua Sha stones increases circulation and oxygen delivery to skin cells. With regular use, it can detoxify tissues, shape facial features, smooth milia and fascia, and help heal blemishes. Rice and papaya enzyme powder brightens and dissolves dead skin cells; Odacite Green Ceremony Cleanser blended with organic aloe juice soothes. Steam and extractions cleanse sebum and Synergie Beauty Masque detoxifies. Hand, face, neck, shoulders, scalp and foot massage relax muscles; Odacite Gt + G Radiance Serum is infused into skin with the gentle scraping motion of Gua Sha and leaves your skin lifted and glowing.

Rebalancing Facial $110. Perfect for those with aging concerns and problematic skin, prone to congested areas, blackheads, dullness, breakouts, irritation, texture issues like bumps and flakiness; combination of oily, dry, sensitive skin. High frequency can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, large pores and blemishes, help with dark circles and puffiness undereyes. Squalane is delivered deeper with high frequency. Ultrasonic extracts sebum and infuses luxurious custom Odacité Private Collection Spring in Tokyo purifying serum concentrate; Face, scalp, shoulders, neck and hand massage and aromatherapy relieves stress.

Acne Facial $95. Blemishes dry up even faster with the addition of healing energy from high frequency technology. Steam opens pores for extractions. Hand, face, neck, scalp, shoulders and foot massage relieves stress, one of the triggers for acne. Odacite Synergie Beauty masque detoxifies. Odacite serum concentrate treats imbalanced skin conditions.

Little Creatures Facial $110. Discover a menagerie of Korean Beauty. Silkworm cocoon exfoliation, steam, extractions, soothing snail mucin and bee venom sheet mask, jade rolling, sea swift nest mask. Includes hand, face, foot massage.

Bee and Snail Zapping Facial $110 This treatment fights blemishes, lightens acne marks, and soothes skin. Bee venom power and snail mucin team up with high frequency to calm and combat troubled skin. Korean beauty method starts with cleansing oil, Green Ceremony matcha, spirulina and honey foaming cleanser. Steam, and both manual and ultrasonic extractions remove blocked sebum; Face, neck, shoulders, scalp, hand, and foot massage relieves stress which is a trigger for breakouts. Odacite serum concentrate infusion treats what ails your skin.

Secret Garden Peel $110. This features a powerful 30% lactic, 10% malic, mandelic, kojic acid peel with papaya and pineapple enzymes. Perfect for anyone wanting deep exfoliation and protective antioxidants. Ultrasonic extractions. Rosewater soothes; Bhand, face, scalp, neck, shoulders and foot massage helps you drift away to your own secret happy place; Jade roller cools, Odacite flower hydramists rebalance pH and Deep Hydration Masque delivers hyaluronic acid. Odacite serum concentrate restore lipids.. (Light peeling may occur.)

Chocolate & Rose Gold Facial $110. Luxuriate in chocolate, gold, and roses for smoother, brighter, softer skin. 15% lactic acid Milk Chocolate peel smooths, brightens, smooths lines and reduces hyperpigmentation. Rosewater and 24k Gold Hydrogel Mask cools and infuses collagen; Whipped cream lip exfoliation. Ultrasonic extractions and Odacite serum concentrate infusion. Scalp, face, neck, shoulders, foot and hand massage relaxes the muscles and increases glow. Odacité Rose Neroli Hydramist rebalances

Diamond and Gold Microdermabrasion $110.Diamond tip microdermabrasion device intensely but gently exfoliates, diminishing lines, wrinkles, uneven skintone, hyperpigmentation, and texture issues, refines the look of pores and gives smooth radiance. ultrasonic extraction deeply cleanses. Stem Cell Enzyme Peel Gommage removes traces of dead skin cells. A luxury Gold Collagen hydrogel mask leaves skin with 24k luminousity. Odacite Serum Concentrate is ultrasonically infused. Includes a face, neck shoulders, scalp and hand massage.

Pumpkin Pie Peel $110. 30% lactic, glycolic, salicylic, pumpkin enzyme peel removes surface discoloration, hyperpigmentation, smooths texture, lines and wrinkles, helps fade scars, and restores glowing skin. Face, neck, shoulders, hands and scalp massage relaxes, restores lipids, and brings oxygen to skin cells; Odacite serum Concentrate ultrasonic infusion and Hydrating Mask restore moisture.

Ultra Hydrating Facial $110. Odacite Rejuvenating Cleanser, Jojoba Bead Exfoliation and Hydrating Masque, ultrasonic extractions and serum concentrate infusion, squalane application, hydrating sheet mask, jade roller, face, scalp, neck, shoulders, hand and foot massage.

Men's Facial Treatment $95. Relax and Detoxi with charcoal mint cleanse, lip scrub and steam, extractions, hand, face, neck, shoulders, scalp, and foot massage, Odacite Synergie masque and Serum Concentrate, Toner and Oil-Free MoisturIzer.


Chin wax, $10.

Lip Wax, $10

Brow Shaping, $20. Get the best shape for your face with waxing and tweezing.

Face waxing, $10, Sides of face.


Facial and Makeup Cancellation within 12 hours of appointment, or failure to come to appointment will require credit card on file to rebook and a fee of $35 to be charged for the late cancellation/missed appointment. Any subsequent incidents will result in full charge of appointment to be charged to cred card.